In which languages are training courses being held ?

Our training courses can be held in Arabic, English, or Turkish languages; depending on trainees’ preference and as signed in the contract.

Where are training courses held ?

As far for now, our training sessions can be held at our centers either in Istanbul – Turkey or Amman- Jordan.

Do your courses have practical sessions ?

All of our technical courses include practical sessions where trainees can exercise what they have learned, in order to develop their skills to higher levels.

Other than technical training, what are courses that your center offers ?

Our training courses list ( here ) includes both technical and non-technical topics such as Management, Human resources, communications and IT.

Is there any limitation for courses duration ?

No, we provide short, medium, and long term courses starting from one week to fifty two weeks duration, depending on course objectives and trainees’ level.

Are there any programs offered to be done online ?

Yes, many programs can be held online and in according to the agreed course offer.

After the course been completed, can trainees benefit from any services ?

Sure, we provide our trainees with any consultancy service that help them to overcome any work difficulties may be faced. Which is also for unlimited time duration and in free of charge.

Do you have "during work" training programs ?

Yes, and we follow up on all work requirements with any necessary action needed in field.