Shafak Center is one of the leading training centers that presents a 30-year training experience in various fields. Starting by the experience of owner and general manager who had serviced at the Jordan tractors company (Caterpillar agent in Jordan), as well as the long experience of our staff either professors, experts or engineers who are highly trained instructors and professionals. Our company serves a wide-ranged interests as training, maintenance and trading. We are mainly based in Istanbul – Turkey and Amman – Jordan.

Shafak center complies with its approach in training courses to deliver information through smoothly processed lectures. Theoretical sessions are held at our centers mainly, which are provided with all necessary apparatus and devices to ensure a suitable environment for training and interactive learning. Training strategy involves activities and short questions in order to motivate trainee’s ability to discuss, ask and analyze properly.

Many training programs are supported with practical sessions in field and technical workshops in order to deepen knowledge and improve trainees’ skills and excellence to a higher level of merit and eligibility.

Courses are held mainly at our centers either in Istanbul – Turkey or in Amman – Jordan, but we also have been holding many courses abroad such as in Libya, UAE and Oman.

Besides training, Shafak center recruits professional engineers and technicians for maintenance and repair of heavy duty machines, cranes, marine machinery and both Engine Control Module (ECM) and Engine Control Unit (ECU).

We have done previous maintenance projects either locally or abroad such as in Libya, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Sudan and many other countries, in which we have met their needs in troubleshooting and fixing their operating faults through our consultation and intervention.

Our maintenance team can interpret errors and diagnose malfunctions by using manufacturers authorized programs such as the Service Information System program (SIS) which includes all Caterpillar’s products of machines, generators, bulldozers, and marine engines. In addition to the Electronics Technician program (ET), and the Service Technician Workbench (STW) and many others.

Also, our company has extensive trading relations with the biggest factories and producing companies inside and outside Turkey. These relations allow access to the best Turkish products, and it affords opportunities for the lowest possible market costs. These privileges are granted for our customers through previous agreements which are in the interest of all parties.